Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Tuesday with My Personal Miracle

We all know the value of our lives. Also, we think that we are the masters of the universe and that we rule this planet. But in fact there are so many different little species that would knock us off our feet, flat on our faces and leave us begging for mercy. For example, lets take a tiny creature, a bacteria like E.coli. I had a pleasure to get to know it first hand after my trip through India. It can attack your system so entirely that your kidneys will fail you ( kidney in my case. I have only one working kidney), you can get anemia, and your digestive system will shut down on you whether you like it or not if it is not caught in time! That is how much power that little living organism can have over us, humans!

 It was April 2014. My husband's god - son's First Communion celebrations. I started experiencing strange feeling of extreme cold, sweat and chills. Then I would get a high fever. Then, back to cold and chills and fever again. It took me 24 hours of feeling better and agony intermittently. Finally, cramps and abdominal pain became unbearable and I decided to go to the hospital. Aurora Health Centre quickly came to a conclusion that the culprit was E.coli. They had me on I.V., two different antibiotics which they changed every few hours because they simply wouldn't work. And of course a humane dose of morphine to cope with pain was in order. That went on for three days. The doctors couldn't find a drug that would deal with my friend from Indian water. So it was obvious that we had to try something different before I slip into the abyss of helplessness of modern medicine. Don't get me wrong, I do believe in it, maybe too much, and I have a full respect for the doctors that save lives everyday. But this time modern medicine needed higher help!

My brother suggested that we consult a person who can help. His name was Wieslaw Jaroslawski. As soon as I agreed my brother dialled the number to pan Wieslaw. He asked to talk to me on the phone. My brother, my husband and my mother in law were in the hospital room with me at the time. Pan Wieslaw, very nonchalantly, talked to me about my trip to India and how I got E.coli. All of a sudden all my visitors could see what I very much felt. A red sea of hot sweat came over me. My face turned burgundy. Somehow I knew very well it was pan Wieslaw's doing. He sent this incredibly hot powerful energy over the phone. I know what you are going to say but hear me out! It is very hard to believe when someone tell you about it. But it is a very different story when it actually is happening to you and you don't understand it! You feel wonderfully overwhelmed, maybe a little afraid that it is too real and you believe!


The next morning I checked out of the hospital not knowing what to do or what to expect from my future. As we were getting ready to go home a nurse came to me with the news that all the antibiotics that they had been feeding me had absolutely no effect on the bacteria. But how could it be? I felt no pain as before? I admit I was a bit puzzled by that.

That same day Pan Wieslaw requested for me and my husband to come and visit him for a quick session in the evening. He treated me in his office but this time I had no feeling nor sensations. He moved his hands near my stomach and at the back he held a crystal. I remember that we talked about how his energy was discovered and how he had helped people all over the world. I specifically remember how he told us about one of his cancer patients who after a session with him experienced violent vomiting. It stuck in my head. We left his office very hopeful but still with no sensations of some extraordinary feeling of levitation or such. You know, when you are clueless you start expecting that some Hollywood movie plot is going to start happening to you! A burning bush or thunder and lightening. This was my life. No magic! It was peaceful, quiet and ordinary. Maybe we were a bit disappointed because of that but also glad.

That evening we walked home and talked about pan Wieslaw's incredible knowledge about a proper diet and healthy life style. Although, some ideas were very radical but they made complete sense! Pan Wieslaw didn't prescribed anything for me and said very little what to expect next. But I think he mentioned that I wouldn't need his help anymore. We walked home in awe. That evening we watched TV, talked and went about our business as usual. I didn't take my antibiotics prescribed by Aurora Health Centre doc. I decided to believe in pan Wieslaw and not to take the pills that probably wouldn't work anyway.

That night I was awakened by a terrible feeling in my stomach. I hardly made it to the bathroom. I started vomiting. It was a dark night. I wouldn't finish until all the people in the house were awake and it was a bright morning. My husband got very scared and took me to the hospital. At the emergency room I was promptly given Gravol and I.V. , in the light of the history of my illness. As we were sitting there and waiting for the doc to see us we had a lot of nurses come up to us and collect many different samples from my body and bodily fluids. Finally, when the poking was over we were called by the doctor. OK. Are you ready for my punchline? Here it comes. The doctor called us in and told us to sit down. A very nice, tall man of German origin greeted us with a smile. He looked at me as said: "My dear, I am really not saying that you were lying about the E.coli but.....the tests are showing nothing. Not a trace." He got up and left the room leaving me and my husband speechless and paralysed with disbelief.

Since the modern medicine is not going to explain it to me I invite you to my explanation. Wieslaw
Jaroslawski. This man saves lives like no other. Without his abilities and generous heart I would be no longer walking on this world. How on earth do I say thank you for this wonderful gift that is MY LIFE? Thank you, Dziekuje panie Wieslawie! Mam nadzieje, ze dobrze sie wyslowilam o tym niesamowitym darze jaki pan posiada!!



Unknown said...

Wow, Maybe it was a miracle or a coincidence. I believe he did a miracle...Thanks God your are feeling great now.

Ewa Zawadzka said...

Yes and No. I think that this man has incredible energy with which he saves many people, me among them! Miracle was that my brother happen to know him an about him so he was able to connect us. Who knows how this story would end without his help! Hugs and Kisses dear friend! Thank you for following me!

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